Curriculum Vitae
Aravind Kilaru BEng MS
Address:, Mahadevapuram Colony, kanuru, Vijayawada, AP, India-520007.
Tel: +91 (0) 99 85 288788; DOB: 09/August/1986; Email:,
Nationality: INDIAN; Website:; Linkedin: aravindhkilaru
Languages: English/Hindi/Telugu - Native speaker, French/Russian- Beginner (A1), Tamil- Intermediate
Technological Skill Set

                     Day to Day Comfort                                                                                                         Experience

                        Project Management (Design, Development and Testing).                                                                     MATLAB.
                        Sales Negotiations and Relationship Development.                                                                                 Programming in C++.
                        Satellite RF ground segment system design (MHz upto 80 GHz).                                                        NI Lab View (limited).
                        AGI - Systems Tool Kit (STK).                                                                                                                       FPGA's.
                        Metadata file processing (Satellite data).                                                                                                    Antenna design 
                                                                                                                                                                                                      (HFSS and CST Microwave studio).
                        Utilization of Spectrum Analyzer, Vector Network Analyzer, Noise Analyzer.                                   Web page design (limited).
                        EAGLE PCB design software.
                        Microsoft Office.

  • AGI-STK Level 1 Certified,
  • Science and Engineering Research Board School on "Computational Meteorology",
  • National Remote Sensing Centre training on "Remote Sensing Ground Segment Systems",
  • Indian Institute of Remote Sensing training on "Basics of Remote Sensing, Geographical Information System & Global Navigation Satellite System".
  • Special Courses Attended : Antenna Measurements in Far field and Near field by Microwave Vision Group (MVG) at ATMS 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017.
Work Experience

K L University, INDIA                                               Research Scholar                                            January 2014- March 2017 

I have carried out a research study on "Atmospheric effects for the satellite missions utilizing Ka, Q/V bands and Free-Space Optical (FSO) wavelengths for communications".

For that studies, I have utilized
  • Satellite beacon signals (20.2 GHz and 30.5 GHz) transmitting from GSAT-14, located at 74 deg East longitude in geostationary orbit.
  • Micro Rain Radar (MRR) operating frequency at 24.23 GHz, for the studies of Vertical profiling of drop size distribution, rain rate, liquid water content, path integrated attenuation and melting zone.
  • OTT Pluvio all-weather precipitation gauge for minute rain rate.
  • ISRO Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) for understanding variability of rain rate across Indian region.
  • Satellite data obtained from Megha-Tropiques (MT), INSAT-3D, KALPANA, SARAL to understand cloud height and cloud liquid water content with respective cloud type.
The Project equipment is funded by Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India.

  • Tropospheric effects on Ka band signals.
  • Rain, Cloud effects on earth to space path.
  • Link Budget for Inter Satellite links as well as Earth to Space links for Ka, Q, V band & FSO link (LEO to GEO, MEO to GEO, LEO to Ground station, GEO to Ground Station).
  • Attenuation, Carrier to Noise ratio (C/N), fade, cross-polarization, fade margin, sky brightness temperature & Scintillation studies.
  • Conceptual design of an instrument utilizing Ka, Q/V bands and FSO wavelengths for planetary studies (Patentable).

INDIAN SEVERS, INDIA                                              Research Engineer                                                                                   2013 

It’s an Entrepreneur partnership, my work focused on technical sales and also to extend its business into point to point communications in urban areas using solutions like RF and FSO communication systems.

  • Part of the team for Client Acquisition, Sales Negotiations, Relationship Development and Customer Relations.
  • Establishing contact with the International venders.
  • Responsible for introducing & maintaining international standards and quality at work place.
  • Handled all technical aspects of sales.
  • International and Indian regulations for WPC licenses in MM Wave band.
  • Identifying technical solutions for RF products.
  • Feasibility study on point to point communication to provide high bit rate at low cost for urban areas.

TRENDEOM LIMITED                                           Representative in INDIA                                              (8 months) 2012-2013

Trendeom is a Lithuania based B2B solutions mainly focusing on Steel, Mineral ore & ship building industries.
  • Responsible for Client Acquisition, Sales Negotiations, Relationship Development and Customer Relations.
  • Explored new market for Lithuania, Estonia and Russian companies, who are interested to buy and sell their end product or RAW materials to Indian companies.
  • Negotiated a sales contract worth of €10 million between Sail India and an Estonian ship building and repairs company.
  • Product price comparison & feasibility study of Stainless steel, Mineral ore products between India, Europe and Russian companies. A total order not less than €100,000 Euros per month.
  • Market exploration and feasibility study on Mineral ore (Rutile Sand) export, product quality and constant supply from Indian markets to Russian companies.
  • Explored Scrap metal buying sector in India.

RAVEN RESEARCH, UK                                         Design & Development Engineer                                                2011 -2012
Raven Research designs custom RF products for defence and security industry.
  • I re-designed and tested devices, which provides independent non-blocking access up to 32 output channels with one input in High Frequencies using solid state switches. This can be controlled by keyboard and remotely via a serial or LAN interface, used for signal monitoring applications.
  • I designed and tested Directional Finding systems for detection and tracking of radio interference from unlicensed operators.
  • Research design of Directional Finding systems using Digital Signal Processing.
  • Research design on wireless transmission propagation losses at VHF bands.
  • I designed and tested filters in LF, HF & VHF bands. These are used to filter off-air signals from broadband antennas.
  • I designed and tested Multicouplers in HF, VHF & UHF bands. These can provide wide dynamic range performance in receiving systems, by low noise figure, high intermodulation product suppression and good isolation.
  • I designed and tested Cable equalizers in HF. These can compensate losses at the front end of distribution system to optimise the overall dynamic range in cables.
  • Tested T-Bias units, Low Noise preAmplifier, Masthead amplifier, Splitters.
  • Testing and troubleshooting of designs of Matrix Switching systems.
  • Responsible for generation of Gerber, BoM, Schematic entry, Test specifications & Documentations.

INDIAN RED CROSS SOCIETY                                    Technical Resource Person                                        (3 months) 2009
Indian Red Cross Society as a technical resource person for disaster management.
  • I Guided 13 people for HAM radio examination from IRCS. Teaching involves, international standards in radio communication, Electronic, Morse code, establishing communication during disasters.

VSB SECURITIES                                                                       Portfolio Manager                                            (2Y2M) 2007-2009
I managed multiple client Portfolios with a total worth of Rs.46, 00,000 Lakh INR.
  • Provided support on up-to-date investment information and economic data to the Clients.
  • Suggested sectors for investment for long term.
  • Provided analytical and research support on companies and sector for investment.

MIC ELECTRONICS LTD                                                                Internship                                                                               2007
Robot Control Using Bluetooth: Project proposed by MIC Tech (A division of MIC Electronics Ltd), the objective is to develop one moving object which is controlled by Bluetooth and able to detect metals. To achieve the task, we interfaced 89C51 microcontroller using C++ program and converting to HEX decimal code with LCD, Latch, Stepper Motor, Bluetooth, Metal Detector and IR Sensors.

Aravind Kilaru, Sarat K Kotamraju, Nicholas Avlonitis, K.Ch. Sri Kavya, Rain rate intensity model for communication link design across the Indian region, Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Volume 145, July 2016, Pages 136-142, ISSN 1364-6826,

Kilaru, A; Avlonitis, N.; Kotamraju, S.K.; Otung, I, "Rain integration time and percentage probability of rain in Indian subcontinent for satellite communications," International Conference on Electronics and Communication Systems (ICECS), 2014, vol., pp.1,7, 13-14 Feb. 2014, doi: 10.1109/ECS.2014.6892541.


Science and Engineering Research Board, School on "Computational Meteorology".
National Remote Sensing Centre (ISRO) training on "Remote Sensing Ground Segment Systems".
Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (ISRO) training on "Basics of Remote Sensing, Geographical Information System & Global Navigation Satellite System".
Antenna Measurements in Far field and Near field by Microwave Vision Group (MVG) at ATMS 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017. 

  • Operation and maintenance of Multi-Wavelength Radiometer (MWR), trained by Space Physics Laboratory, ISRO team.
  • Operation and maintenance of Aethalometer (AE33) to measure Black Carbon content in the atmosphere trained by Magee Scientific team.
  • Operation and maintenance of Micro Rain Radar (MRR) trained by Metek team.
  • Operation principle of Lidar trained by SV University team.
  • Operation principle of Mesosphere, Stratosphere and Troposphere (MST) radar trained by SV University team.
  • Ka, Q/V and FSO band link analysis. 
  • Design of LIDAR and Millimeter wave radar for tracking clouds. 
  • Ideal Gateway Locations across Indian region for EHF satellite communications. 
  • Site Diversity and the study of cloud dimensions of Nimbostratus, Stratus, Cumulonimbus clouds and their direction of moment with respective seasons and percentage of time in a year for Indian region. 
  • Analysis of various satellite data file. hdf/.h5 files. 
  • Rain, Cloud, Attenuation, fade, cross-polarization, fade margin, sky brightness temperature & Scintillation studies. 
  • Point to Point communication studies at 60 GHz. 
  • Developing Norton amplifier for RF multicouplers to replace FETs (10KHz to 1000MHz) also by keeping Output Intercept Points (IP 2, 3) & noise (max. 7 dB). 
“Satellite Network for VSAT & DTH Services in India” – University of Glamorgan, UK 2010.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD),                                                        K L University, India                              2014- (Yet to Obtain, Still pursuing 
MSc Mobile and Satellite Communication                                 University of Glamorgan, UK               2009-2010.
Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic & Communication      Anna University, India                           2003-2007. 


Extensive experience with RF instruments: Network, Spectrum & Noise analyzers.
Extensive research experience in Prediction of propagation impairments on earth-space paths (10 – 80 GHz both RF & FSO).
Well familiar with Attenuation mitigation methods for Satellites (both RF & FSO)
Design of satellite-integrated & wireless networks.

A certified AGI-STK professional.
PCB Design software: EAGLE;
Programming: MATLAB;
Operating Systems: MS Windows;
Others: MS Office, and Network security issues. 

Co-founder and Technical Advisor                        Vishwa Samvad Kendra Andhra Pradesh                                         2016 - Present.
Co-Convenor for Vijayawada City,                         Vivekananda Kendra KanyaKumari                                                  2014 - 2016.
Institution of Engineering and Technology [1100160035] (MIET),
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers [90749862],
Member of Antenna Test & Measurement Society (ATMS) [M060],
Life Member for; The Indian Science Congress Association [L22025] (ISCA) & Indian Red Cross Society.
Active reader for the IET Articles and IEEE Journal.
Hiking, Rock climbing, Fencing.